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We owe our loyal subscribers a long-overdue update on the current state of affairs, so here it is. As we approach the end of Q3, you must be positioned for possible market shifts. Pandemic supply chain shortages remain uncorrected, and hundreds of cargo vessels are still waiting offshore to unload shipping containers in major ports worldwide. Our eyes are now turning to Q4; tradeable opportunities are emerging as we write this update.

In Q3, geopolitical developments drove rare earth metals into the news headlines for 15 minutes of fame while accusations of insider trading on OpenSea tarnished the legitimacy of NFTs. What is it with art and money laundering I wonder? As a result, sifting through the BS for sound ideas will prove difficult this quarter. Luckily for you, we know what noise to ignore and shoot straight for profitable trades. So, read to the end if you’re digging for some hidden gems for Q4.

We’ll start with Uranium. We made a decent trade here in Q3. Wondering how to do the same?

$URA ETF — A simple way to gain exposure to Uranium.

Uranium’s value as an asset is up over 40% for the month. Even a quick glance of the 2-week chart shows substantial room for asset growth.

Are you the type that would rather hold miners? We found a diamond in the rough for you.

$AZURF — Our own side bet on a hidden Uranium mining company in a perfect location. You can view our research here.

$ZNGA — For the sake of integrity and transparency, we must mention the Zynga bag we are still holding. Our research indicated a buy signal at $9.00. However, Q2 sales slumped as the lifting of lockdowns depressed internet gaming stocks across the board. Winter is coming, and we are confident in Zynga’s recovery. We’re holding our options calls expiring Jan 2021 and will exercise patience as we anticipate a rebound.

$SOL Solana is an emerging blockchain ecosystem and coin you may have caught wind of. The SOL chain is rapidly gaining traction as a competitor to clunky Ethereum; some speculators expect it to outvalue ETH in coming months. As you can see from the spike on July 25th, Solana shot up in price from $30 to $200+ in a month’s time. We bought loads of it march of 2020 at $2-$3 and generated a 7,000% return. Our Solana ecosystem plays $RAY and $SRM proved quite profitable as well.

Bitcoin Update

Below is our Bitcoin chart from May 16th of 2021— just THREE days before the first major drop to 30k. We will now bring this chart to a conclusion. We are confident that we will be able to buy Bitcoin even cheaper this quarter. Look out for an additional report discussing our Q4 Bitcoin outlook at length in the coming weeks.


Oil — We’re continuing our swing trade of Oil for the remainder of 2021. In at $30 out at $100. If it dances around $80-$85 for a bit we’ll decide how to continue and inform you concurrently. For now, we’ll continue buying dips as we are now playing with house money.

XPT/Platinum — Platinum has rebounded 5% each of the past two days; the metal is now hovering around just over $1000 per ounce. We’re actively following the commodity demand surge and maintain confidence that both the platinum and metals cycle will soon explode.

The agriculture bull run was only the first of many tests to come in Q4 and beyond. We are closely monitoring supply chain shortages affecting the prices of Coffee, Sugar, Lumber, Wheat, Corn, and more. Our next report will discuss this space further.

I hope you enjoyed this quick recap. We will post more ideas and positions on our website. Visit Emporos Research for continued updates.