The Age of Commodity Catalysts


We are entering a new age of increased demand for commodities. This list includes metals, platinum, and copper and spans to agriculture and beyond.

The opportunities to profit at the beginning of a decade sounds logical, as we live in exponential times. Technology changes in such a way so that Moore's law has become outdated due to the exponential growth of technology.

Why is demand going up for commodities?

We have a resource crunch. Resources are once again being coveted more than ever, with the covid-19 pandemic, leading to future conflict among nations and contributes to driving demand.


The recent FOMC shows how the Fed will continue monetary stimulus and have no intention to raise interest rates for years. History often rhymes, will the fed cap inflation at only 2%? Or will inflation, in reality, be much higher than the media and mainstream news will report? The answer is most likely much, much higher. We may not even know what the real rate even is.

There will be a portfolio index for all these scenarios in the future. I may share it in our live chat or post a few ideas from the index. Digital Currency and Cryptos in general, do play a part in what is to come. Make sure you keep an eye on the industry.

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