Stock Market Games! Feeding Frenzy Continues!

Stocks are in a feeding frenzy across the board. Government agencies are nowhere to be found, as all market participants start playing the game they have now created.

If you are a speculator, trader, investor, or just anyone interested in markets. Allow our research to be of some assistance.

A few examples from our list include:

Remember. This is education, please understand speculating on such fast increases in price is risky.


Interestingly enough, there is a high short interest in Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. We found this stock as an investment thesis on this site many months ago. See



For every stock that has a high short interest will be posted on Reddit boards such as wallstreetbets? I give it a month before they crack down on this. We have Melvin Capital having to be bailed out by other hedge fund partners to the tune of $3 Billion because of poorly made short trade positions.

We have also seen notorious hedge funds blow up as this feeding frenzy continues.

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