Bitcoin Surging After Shock Biden Stimulus Update

Just a week ago banks and experts claimed the Biden admin would reveal a $750 Billion stimulus.

However, soon after many banks tried to upstage the others throwing around new numbers with estimates as high as $1 trillion or even more, the market barely noticed when late this afternoon, incoming Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer reportedly according to Bloomberg said Biden is to propose more than $1.3 trillion in spending for his initial round of Covid-19 relief.

Biden is set to speak at 7:15 p.m. Thursday to outline this new proposal being reported. He is expected to unveil a major Covid-19 relief package on Thursday and his advisers have recently told allies in Congress to expect a price tag in the ballpark of $2 trillion," CNN reported citing two people briefed on the deliberations.

It is not clear how large the stimulus checks would be, but it is safe to say they will be at least $2,000 and perhaps much more. If you doubted the bitcoin bullish trend was over, you may be able to ride this to newer highs for 2021.

It is an exciting year to be a trader.

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